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Green Valley Home Stay : Located at Kalpetta, the headquarters of Wayanad, Kerala God's own Country assures you the care, affection, comfort and safety, all attached to your own home.
Green Valley Home Stay is situated in a tourism triangle close to Ooty (Tamil Nadu), Mysore (Karnataka) and Wayanad (Kerala), has all the ingredients including wildlife, water bodies, and cool weather to ensure its grace in the arena of eco-tourism.
The Tourism sector of Wayanad has large number of Home Stays to be proud of where the visitors could feel the rural life with all its paraphernalia.
But there are only a few like the Green Valley Home Stay which meets the quality and safety parameters of District Tourism Promotion Council under the Department of Tourism Govt of Kerala.
Green Valley Home Stay was started by a tourism-professional with decades of experience in the industry to explore the potential of tourism in a better way.
 Green Valley Home Stay provides two spacious rooms for tourists which fall in the best category under the tourism grading system. Green Valley Home Stay is a boon for tourists who follow the pure traditional kerala cuisine.


wayanad Tourism : Come to Wayanad and feel the nature, way of life and heritage from the Green Valley Home Stay.
 A green paradise on earth, Wayanad and its nature has been attracting multitudes of tourists for the last many years. Charmed by the hills, dales, streams, misty peaks, cloudy skies, water falls and mountain ranges, they became enchanted by the mystery of Mother Nature.
 Still an unexplored virgin destination with its pristine nature, Wayanad attracts tourists for its unpolluted rivers, streams, skies, forests and endless expanse of plantations.
  Wayanad, the land of mountains and paddy fields blessed with natural wonders is one of the unexplored places of beauty. Wayanad district is situated in Northern Kerala, where Deccan plateau begins. Some believes that the name 'Wayanad' probably originated from two Malayalam words "Wayal" which means paddy field and "Nadu" which means land. So Wayanad means the land of paddy fields, in fact there are lot of paddy fields in Wayanad in between the hills and mountains. Geographically the western part of Wayanad touches the Western-ghats and the other parts is the edge of Deccan plateau. State boundary of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil-Nadu meets in Muthanga, a place covered with dense forest and wild animals.

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